We undertake the total reconstruction of your dream house from a very early stage, at the bestmarket prices that start from 850 euros per square meter, either completely with reinforced concrete or as a composite structure with structural steel and reinforced concrete together. It is not about prefabricated constructions and in the price are included the following:

  1. Building permits that include the engineers’ wages(surveyor, architect, civil, mechanical, and electrical) for various individual studies, tax payments, and social security contributions to SII.
  2. All the building materials.
  3. Payment for working crews.
  4. The main body of the construction is delivered with coatings-plastering, tiling, plumbing, external and internal frames.


Our company undertakes the complete construction of your workplace as you wish, such as industrial buildings, logistics buildings, farms (stable facilities, cattle-feed warehouses) at best prices in the market from 150 euros per square meter. The main construction material of these professional spaces is the structural steel and the foundation is made of reinforced concrete.


Our company undertakes the renovation of your house or your workplace at the best market prices aiming at the optimal building quality. You have also the opportunity to monitor the progress and development of your construction and to participate actively in the decision making progress as well as to suggest changes that you consider important for your own place.

Process Followed:

  1. An engineer visits your place and performs a detailed land surveying
  2. Follows a processing of the data collected
  3. We recommend different solutions depending on the renovation package you selected, providing you all the necessary scientific knowledge in order to conclude at the best choice for you.
  4. We organize our working crews and we proceed to the project.